Clinical Simulation hosts new proning course

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By Diana Darr

A man wearing black clothing and a woman wearing red clothing participating in a simulation with a manikin.
Learners participate in a new RCDP facilitator development course focused on manual proning.

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice makes perfect.

In a new SimUAB Facilitator Development course, UAB Clinical Simulation’s immersive simulation team coached content experts on utilizing Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice (RCDP) to train learners in safe manual proning.

The event was developed to promote patient safety and prevent potential adverse outcomes associated with incorrect proning technique. Experts in manual proning actively participated by discussing the complexity of safely proning patients and the importance of practicing correct technique. 

RCDP is a teaching technique that focuses on rapid acquisition of skills, wherein participants rapidly cycle between deliberate practice and directed feedback until they’ve effectively mastered the subject—in this case, proning, in which patients are positioned face down to improve oxygenation.

The diverse group of learners in this event, including Nursing Professional Development Specialists (NPDS) from the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Medical Critical Care Unit and Surgical Intensive Care Unit, as well as educators from Respiratory Therapy, found RCDP to be an effective teaching mechanism. After the event, learners reported feeling confident and excited to coach their colleagues.  

Markie Clement, Clinical Simulation training coordinator, said, “The learners were extremely engaged and provided additional context and feedback on the manual proning process that will be used to modify the checklist before piloting with staff. I believe they took away a better understanding of RCDP as an effective teaching tool.”

“Clinical Simulation can work with practically any health-care team in the UAB Health System to deliver a simulation experience that effectively meets their needs,” said Marjorie Lee White, vice president of UAB Clinical Simulation.

In the case of the new proning simulation, NPDSes and educators from the SICU, MICU, MCCU and respiratory therapy saw a need—simulated experiences concerning proning—and worked with UAB Clinical Simulation to develop a program from the ground up.

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