Mastering CVL Removal: Elevate your skills with our virtual simulation

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A virtual rendering of a learning module depicting a holographic learner preparing to conduct a central venous line removal procedure on a Caucasian patient in a medical gown laying in a hospital bed

Removing a central venous line (CVL) is a critical procedure that requires precision and expertise to prevent complications.

Understanding the importance of proper technique and being aware of potential risks are essential for all health-care providers involved in this task. To support and enhance the skills of our health-care professionals, we are excited to introduce one of our virtual simulation modules: CVL removal. 

Enhance Your Proficiency with Our Interactive Module 

Our virtual simulation module offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to central venous line removal. This interactive tool is designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to perform the procedure safely and effectively. The module covers: 

  • Detailed Instructions: Follow clear, concise instructions that walk you through each step of the CVL removal process. 
  • Risk Awareness: Learn about potential complications and how to mitigate them to ensure patient safety. 
  • Engaging Content: Interactive elements and real-world scenarios help reinforce learning and improve retention. 

Quick and Efficient Learning 

We understand the busy schedules of health-care professionals. That’s why our module is designed to be completed in just 4-6 minutes, allowing you to quickly enhance your skills without taking significant time away from patient care. 

Who Should Participate? 

This module is specifically tailored for registered nurses (RNs) and other health-care providers who are responsible for the removal of central venous catheters. Whether you are new to the procedure or looking to refresh your knowledge, this simulation offers valuable insights and practical guidance. 

Access the Module 

Ready to improve your CVL removal technique? Access the module now through the hospital learning system (HealthStream) and our UAB Clinical Simulation website. Explore more of our iSim and eLearning opportunities here.

Join your colleagues in mastering this essential procedure and ensuring the highest standards of patient care. 


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