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Welcome to UAB Clinical Simulation

UAB Clinical Simulation develops, delivers, and supports procedural, immersive, and systems simulations carefully designed for learners. Our team of skilled professionals collaborates with content experts from the various involved professions to deliver valuable, high-quality simulation events.

Simulation is a proven training strategy for all members of the health care team. The simulated setting provides a psychologically safe environment for care providers to practice procedures and high-risk clinical situations. Simulation improves patient safety and generates cost savings for the institution.

For these and many other reasons, we will always advise you to “SimFirst”, no matter the procedure, event, space or process.

Our Team

Back Row (from left): Marjorie Lee White, Clint Strange, Kelly Markham, April Belle, Nicole Temple, Lisa Bergman, Jobin Abraham, Johnathan Allen, Andrea Hammett

Front Row (from left): Emma Bertolaet, Ben Whitaker, Andres Viles, Jordan Whaley, Mercedees Willis, Bonny Joly, Elizabeth Clark, Aja Burgin,
Beth Ruf

Clinical Sim News

Geriatric Scholars Program

How would you want your grandma to be cared for? The answer, of course, is in the most kind, caring and effective way possible. A group of interprofessional learners gathered in the sim center to Read more…

Reducing Care Delays with Ultrasound

UAB Medicine team members are proactively working to decrease delays in patient care caused by delayed or difficult venous access. The skillful use of ultrasound guidance can increase the likelihood of successful peripheral IV placement, Read more…

Tele-Stroke Sims at UAB Highlands

Proper and timely stroke assessment and care is critical to successful patient outcomes. The stroke teams at UAB understand this. UAB eMedicine is implementing a Tele-Stroke program to advance the quality of care during and Read more…