Immersive Simulation

What Is Immersive Sim?

An immersive simulation is a session influenced by participants’ characteristics, experiences, level of training, and preparation for the case or task. The perceived physical, conceptual and emotional fidelity; the perceived level of challenge; and the simulators and actors can, and do, affect the simulation experience. A learner who experiences a simulated event with the goal of gaining an understanding of a system or human action. Following the simulation, an expert leads a debrief in which the learners discuss what happened; what they did well; and identify opportunities for systemic, team, and/or personal improvements. These changes improve patient outcomes and health system efficiency.

For information about working with our team at UAB to develop an immersive simulation, please contact us at .

Innovative Immersive Simulation


Through iSim, self-paced modules are accessible through any smart device and a variety of modules are available.

AR Crash Cart

This app has realistically scaled and highly detailed versions of UAB carts. You can just explore or race against the clock.

Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest 2 devices are available for independent study in the virtual reality lab or on loan for use outside the lab.