Innovative eLearning makes a SIMpact

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An animated rendering of a patient featured in an eLearning module
UAB Clinical Simulation’s eLearning modules cover a variety of relevant subjects, including medication titration (pictured).

UAB Clinical Simulation is thrilled to spotlight its state-of-the-art eLearning platform, designed to enhance the training and professional development offered to our health-care workforce.

This innovative platform allows for a variety of interactive and focused modules that can be designed and developed in-house to meet the specific needs of UAB Medicine practices, ensuring both relevance and effectiveness.

Accessible through the Medicine Learning System (MLS) and the UAB Clinical Simulation website, this eLearning platform provides just-in-time training to keep the UAB Medicine team prepared and knowledgeable. The ability to design and develop these modules in-house allows us to address the unique challenges and requirements of our health-care setting, ensuring that every module aligns with our equipment, environment, standards and protocols.

These modules are designed to be brief, with completion time of just minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to daily responsibilities. We are continuously trying to push the boundaries and become as agile as the workforce we serve, with modules focusing on everything from defibrillation and transcutaneous pacing to the treatment of malignant hyperthermia. Learn how to work with our simulation team today to design and develop your own module. Explore our eLearning platform today to enhance your skills and knowledge! Learn more here.


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