UAB Mobile Sim, Regional Medical Center partner for Code Blue training

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Learners from Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama participate in a Code Blue response simulation, hosted by UAB Mobile Simulation.

When it comes to authentic simulation experience, UAB Mobile Simulation delivers.

In March, the mobile sim team and Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama in Greenville, Ala., conducted an immersive simulation focused on Code Blue response.

This simulation, set within the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), centered on a simulated cardiac arrest scenario, pushing health-care learners to their limits as they navigated its numerous complexities.

Participants immersed themselves in the intensity of a cardiac arrest situation, honing their skills through deliberate, repetitive practice of the critical first five steps of a Code Blue. From calling for help to administering life-saving medications, each action was meticulously executed under the pressure of a simulated crisis.

Key takeaways included the importance of establishing clear leadership and enhancing closed-loop communication.

Further, UAB Mobile Simulation was able to tailor the experience to the learners’ unique setting.

“The class addressed several items that were specific to our facility,” participant Jessica Walker, L.P.N, said. “For instance, I learned that our PACU has an alert button—separate from the Code Blue button—that alerts the OR staff that emergent help is needed in the PACU.”

Another participant, Stefanie Cumberledge, R.N., said she left the simulation with renewed confidence.

“The experience not only broadened our knowledge of what to do in a challenging situation as individuals, but it strengthened our team,” she said. “At the end of the simulation, I gained a new level of trust and confidence in my co-workers.”


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