UAB Mobile Sim joins Russell Medical for sim space grand opening

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Two female nurses in medical scrubs practicing CPR on a simulation manikin
Russell Medical Center staff members participate in a CPR challenge during the grand opening celebration of the hospital’s simulation center.

In a significant stride toward advancing health-care education, Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, Ala., celebrated the grand opening of its dedicated simulation space for learners, and UAB Mobile Simulation made a special trip to join in the February festivities.

“Simulation is an effective learning tool, as I have experienced first hand the use of the tools and success of our staff after the training provided,” said Allyson Garrett, R.N., education and employee health nurse with Russell Medical.

According to Mercedees Willis, mobile simulation coordinator with UAB Clinical Simulation, the celebration marked a significant leap forward in providing health-care professionals with cutting-edge resources to enhance their skills.

The Chest Compression Challenge—an engaging and competitive event that showcased the importance of effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques—was a highlight of the grand opening. Health-care professionals and learners alike participated in the activity, demonstrating their proficiency in chest compressions and embracing the spirit of friendly competition.

The challenge not only served as a platform to celebrate the opening of the simulation space but also underscored the critical role of continuous training in life-saving interventions. Participants embraced the opportunity to showcase their skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie among the health-care community, Willis noted.

The grand opening event reinforced Russell Medical’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in health-care education. The dedicated simulation space will empower learners to engage in realistic scenarios, refine their decision-making abilities and enhance their overall competency in a controlled and supportive environment.

Garrett thanked UAB Mobile Simulation for its own commitment to simulation and its Alabama Rural Health Collaborative partners.

“Our staff has grown exponentially from the skills and training provided with each simulation, from chest compressions to postpartum hemorrhage,” Garrett said. “We enjoy the positive learning environment of UAB Mobile Simulation the best, as they believe everyone is here to improve. It is such a breath of fresh air to feel as though everyone has the ability to achieve the skill at hand.”

Willis said she was thrilled to join in the grand opening celebration.

“We’re excited to see the positive impact this dedicated simulation space will have on the proefssional development of health-care providers in the region,” she said. “The collaborative efforts between institutions, like Russell Medical and UAB Mobile Simulation, exemplify the shared commitment to advancing health-care education and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes.”


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