Empathy in Action: Patient Care Experience at Lakeland Community Hospital

Published by Frank Ruggiero on

Lakeland Community Hospital staff members participate in a patient care experience simulation, hosted by UAB Mobile Simulation.

The UAB Mobile Simulation team, in collaboration with Lakeland Community Hospital in Haleyville, Ala., orchestrated a patient care experience simulation this past March.

The primary focus of the simulation was to immerse participants in the lived experiences of patients and their families. Through a series of conscientiously crafted scenarios, learners were confronted with the discomforts, communication barriers, and feelings of depersonalization that can be associated with hospitalization.

By stepping into the shoes of patients, participants gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by those under their care.

A diverse group of 33 learners took part in the simulation, representing various roles within the health-care ecosystem. Among them were registered nurses, administrators, medical laboratory technicians and nursing students, each bringing their unique perspectives to the table. Participants engaged in deep introspection, exploring the emotions and struggles that accompany illness and hospitalization.

Of the experience, one learner said, “I appreciate being put into the patient’s perspective. It helps you understand their feelings on a personal level.”

According to Brittany Kelly, R.N., education and employee health nurse with Lakeland Community Hospital, this sentiment resonated with many, emphasizing the transformative power of immersive learning in health-care education.

“On behalf of everyone that has had a chance to participate, I can say that each individual walks away from the simulation more confident, having had a great experience learning,” Kelly said. We are always so grateful for any opportunity we are granted with UAB Mobile Simulation.”


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