New year! New you! New Sim?

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There are so many new things in simulation! We have spent the last 6 months reimagining how you think, do, use, and interact with simulation. We kept returning to one phrase…SimFirst. What does that mean, exactly? The goal we have in UAB Clinical Simulation is to create and deliver simulation solutions to the health system that are constructive, relevant, and impact safety and the patient experience.

THINK SimFirst. If there is an opportunity for improvement, think of using simulation to practice or gain practical skills. If you have a process that concerns you, you can use simulation to test stress points and discover points of excellence.

DO SimFirst. Before patients are ever seen, use simulation to practice. New staff, new equipment, new processes, new space – do a simulation first to make sure everything is ready to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

ASK SimFirst. What keeps you up at night? Is simulation is a resource that can effectively assist you? Call us and just ask. We will work with you to develop and deliver a high quality simulation through cooperative collaboration.

Well now what? We are excited to unveil our new website that highlights how you think, do and ask SimFirst.  Stop by the site and snoop around. There is an array of resources and tools that UAB Clinical Simulation has for you. We also want to share news and ideas with you frequently through our new blog and our newsletter. The new “Think SimFirst” newsletter will be launching in January. If you want a copy to land in your inbox, make sure to visit our sign-up form.

So, what are your burning issues? Can Clinical Simulation support you? Just ask. Email or visit to learn more.


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