First delivery at new L&D is Baby Tory!

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Cries will be heard again in Whitfield Regional Hospital! Tears of joy from new mothers and babies, that is! When the Whitfield Labor and Delivery Unit closed years ago, the community felt the loss of a local facility to deliver babies. Since then, Whitfield has worked hard to bring that service back to Demopolis.  The Whitfield leadership and L & D staff partnered with the UAB Mobile Simulation Lab to provide an in-situ simulation to test processes and orient staff to the newly renovated space.  

The objectives of the sim focused on common procedures and functions that would occur during clinical care. Dr. April Belle and Mercedees Willis, key members of the Mobile Simulation team, as well as the Vice President of Clinical Simulation, Dr. Marjorie Lee White, worked carefully to plan an experience that would meet these objectives.  

This unique simulation was actually a series of three simulations. The scenarios included one healthy birth and two that involved complications. A high-fidelity pregnant manikin, SimMom and infant, Baby Tory helped make the experience as realistic as possible. 

Caring for laboring mothers and neonates requires a large team of experts. Two providers, as well as a team of fellows, nurses, respiratory therapists, and staff from the OR participated in the simulation. In all, twenty-three learners were present for the half-day event. 

The staff found the experience extremely valuable and look forward to future partnership. We are so glad to be a part of this exciting endeavor. UAB Mobile Simulation is proud to have been able to assist Whitfield Regional Hospital bring high quality care for countless mothers and babies in Demopolis.  

Whitfield Regional Hospital, is a member of the Alabama Rural Health Collaborative (ARHC).  The ARHC supports 10 rural Alabama hospitals, one of which is Whitfield.  The goal of the ARHC is to help rural hospitals become self-sufficient and more financially and operationally stable while improving the health of Alabama’s rural residents. The UAB Mobile Simulation Lab is made possible through support of the ARHC and supports their mission. 


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