Resuscitation Resources: Facilitators

Reference Materials

RCDP PrebriefExample of an RCDP First Five prebrief
RCDP Learner Expectation GuideFirst Five action/pause guide
RCDP Coaching GuideGuide to coaching learners through First Five
ALIVE SlidesBasic scripting of a code
ILCOR ConsensusReview of cardiopulmonary resuscitation science
Code Team StationsVisualization of Code Roles
Full CPR/ECC Guidelines2020 AHA guidelines
AHA Guideline Highlights 2020 AHA highlights

Other Resources

eTrain First Five Microsims

If you would like the completion of this module reflected on your transcript, please sign into the Medical Learning System (Healthstream), search “First Five Code Skills Microsim” in the catalog, and enroll.

You may complete the module here if you do not have access to the Medical Learning System (Healthstream). A completion certificate will be available in the eTrain LMS but will not be added to your transcript.